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Idex 2023: Defence deals worth Dh18.4B inked in three days

By February 22, 2023December 28th, 2023No Comments

Abu Dhabi, 22 February 2023 – The UAE’s Ministry of Defence and Abu Dhabi Police inked 11 deals worth Dh5.8 billion with local and international firms on the third day of the International Defence Exhibition (Idex) and the Naval Defence Exhibition (Navdex) 2023.

Top officials from Tawazun Council – the independent government entity that works closely with the ministry, security agencies and Abu Dhabi Police, noted that a total of 34 deals worth Dh18.44 billion were signed so far in the first three days of the exhibition.

On Wednesday, the ministry awarded four deals worth Dh5.05 billion to domestic firms and five contracts worth Dh694 million to international companies reaching a total of Dh5.74 billion. Also, Abu Dhabi Police inked a deal each with local (Dh72 million) and international (Dh62 million) companies totalling Dh134 million.

During the media briefing, Tawazun Council’s official spokespersons Majed Ahmed Al Jaberi and Zayed Saeed Al Meraikhi said that a total of 11 deals worth Dh5.8 billion were signed on the day to hit a grand total of Dh18.44 billion across first three days of the exhibition.

Abu Dhabi-headquartered Edge Group again bagged the major contracts from the ministry worth Dh5 billion through its subsidiaries. While Earth was awarded a deal worth Dh4 billion, Halcon got a procurement order of Dh1 billion.

The Dh-4billion contract, which will be executed over a period of four years, is for providing tactical communications and data-link solutions to the UAE Armed Forces.

“Designed to meet future standards, our comprehensive and interoperable solutions will fortify the UAE’s current capability with improved network communication that increases voice and data services linked into a broader range of UAE Armed Forces for both domestic and international operations while also ensuring national tactical data-link sovereignty in line with the UAE leadership’s mandate,” said Waleid Al Mesmari, senior vice president – electronic warfare and cyber technologies, Edge.

Halcon secured a deal to supply Al Tariq long-range (LR) precision-guided munitions (PGMs) to the Armed Forces.

Saeed Al Mansoori, senior vice president, Advanced Concepts, noted its Al Tariq-LR PGMs are among the best in the world in terms of range, accuracy and modularity.

“Our commitment is focused on providing a long-range PGM solution that enhances pilot safety while allowing high levels of operational flexibility.”

Among international companies, France-based Naval Group (Dh407 million) and Thales (Dh176 million) led the signings.

Abu Dhabi Police awarded a contract worth Dh72 million to Edge Group’s subsidiary Nimr and another deal worth Dh62 million to Italy’s Leonardo with both totalling Dh134 million.

Nimr, a leading manufacturer of combat-proven wheeled military vehicles, will supply Ajban Internal Security Vehicles (ISV) to police from next year.

“This is a milestone not only for Nimr, but for the UAE as we continue to develop sovereign capabilities and manufacture high-tech and pioneering vehicles locally. We look forward to helping our customers benefit from the exceptional operational capabilities of the Ajban ISV,” Abri du Plessis, CEO, NIMR, underlined.

Main contracts inked by the Ministry of Defence:

  • Earth, a subsidiary of Edge Group, to develop tactical data link network (Dh4 billion).
  • Halcon, a subsidiary of Edge Group, to procure Al Tariq systems (Dh1 billion).
  • France’s Naval Group to procure anti-torpedo canto systems and MU90 torpedoes (Dh407 million).
  • France’s Thales to provide technical support for the GM-200 radars (Dh176 million).