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Abu Dhabi, 22 February 2023 – Tawazun Council has announced the launch of the first Emirati 3D printing centre of excellence “Sindan”, in collaboration with local companies. The Centre will be in charge of regulating all 3D printing in the UAE, as well as meeting any future needs for additive manufacturing.

In addition to aiding and speeding up the expansion of the additive manufacturing sector, the Center will also perform research and development on key and important components.

Shareef Hashim Al Hashmi, CEO of Tawazun Council, said, “The launch of the first Emirati Centre of Excellence for 3D Printing is a major milestone and a testament to the UAE’s commitment to innovation and technological advancement. We are confident that this centre will play a crucial role in shaping the future of the additive manufacturing industry in the UAE and beyond.”

He pointed out that the opening of the centre is a significant step forward for the UAE in the field of advanced manufacturing and exemplifies the country’s dedication to innovation and development in this industry.

“The centre will play a significant role in guaranteeing future growth and worldwide market competitiveness for the nation.”

Shareef Hashim Al Hashmi

For his part, Muammar Abdulla Abushehab, Sector Chief, Defense and Security Industrial Affairs of Tawazun Council, said, “The primary tasks of the centre will involve influencing additive manufacturing and 3D printing strategies in the defense, aerospace, and other sectors. It will also serve as a bridge between industry, academia, fulfilling national needs by offering 3D printing certification, studying and developing standards and validation, and expanding the UAE’s footprint in the global supply chain.”

“Through the training and development of Emiratis’ functional and scientific skills, the centre will boost capacities by providing them with additional high-quality, long-term employment prospects. This is in line with the vision of the UAE’s leadership that places a top priority to the development of Emirati capabilities,” he added.