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Tawazun’s Defense Contractors Council holds its 6th annual meeting in Abu Dhabi

By September 8, 2016June 26th, 2021No Comments

The Tawazun Economic Council (Tawazun) hosted its sixth Defense Contractors Council (DCC) meeting in Abu Dhabi yesterday under the leadership of Matar Ali Al Romaithi, Chief Officer of the Industrial Development Unit at Tawazun. The meeting took place on the 6th and 7th of September withy agenda to discuss UAE industrial economy, its achievements and future perspectives.

The attendees included over 100 representatives from international defense companies who are members of the DCC, representatives from Tawazun and the National Defense Companies Council (NDCC) members. This enabled open dialogue between all of Tawazun’s stakeholders, national and foreign, on building and supporting UAE industrial sector.

The meeting showcased Tawazun’s achievements and projects executed including Project Rabban, Exechon Emirates LLC, the 787 vertical fin production by Strata and the pre-impregnated composites. The DCC conducted a full session about the UAE Industrial Infrastructure which consists of several industrial zones such as the Tawazun Industrial Park and Khalifa Industrial Zone Abu Dhabi (Kizad) in addition to the Department of Economic Development to emphasize on the capabilities that Abu Dhabi can embrace to create new opportunities within the industry.

Matar Ali Al Romaithi explained that “Tawazun is keen, since its inception, to adopt plans and strategies that contribute to achieving comprehensive and sustainable economic and social development, and focus on building a diversified and knowledge-based economy. We also look to establish industrial partnerships, enhance the capacity of local industry and provide knowledge based jobs for UAE nationals.”

Tawazun has been able, over the past year, to fulfill a number of achievements which include the remarkable growth in the number of members in the NDCC, pointing out that such a large growth emphasizes the high level of confidence from major local and regional companies, in its strategy and its ability to continue growing. It also highlights its success in providing the best solutions and innovation, as well as expanding the horizons of work by entering into new and diverse partnerships.

The Defense Contractor’s Council was created to generate an ongoing open dialogue among defense contractors and Tawazun Economic Council. It provides a forum to share views, highlight ways for improvement and strengthen overall transparency among the Council and its members where open lines of communication with defense contractors are maintained. This enables TEC to continuously review and upgrade its policies to serve its mandate, and support the contractors in being able to seamlessly fulfill their obligations.