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Tawazun is the International Partner for DSEI 2013

By August 27, 2013June 26th, 2021No Comments

​Tawazun, the UAE-based, defence-focused investment group, is the International Partner for DSEI 2013.Tawazun will be exhibiting on its own stand in the UAE national pavilion and will be showcasing the latest products of its subsidiaries in the event.
Through a programme of strategic investments and partnerships with carefully selected, world-class market leaders, Tawazun has been making a major contribution to the fast-growing industrial base of the UAE since 2007. With an unrelenting focus on economic diversification and sustainability as well as technology transfer, the group is building a strong local capability across a number of areas through a portfolio of subsidiaries that, in addition to NIMR, includes:

  • ADASI – (Autonomous Systems)
  • CARACAL – (Military & Sporting Weapons)
  • BURKAN and CLA(Munitions)
  • TPI – (Manufacturing & Assembly)
  • TAWAZUN DYNAMICS(Precision Guided Munitions)

Based in Abu Dhabi, NIMR Automotive designs, manufactures and assembles a range of multi-purpose vehicles, entirely within the UAE, to meet the growing needs of international armed forces and internal security organisations. NIMR vehicles can be configured for a variety of combat and non-combat functions – armament carrier; logistics vehicle; ambulance; mobile Command and Control centre – and a range of scenarios – from tactical missions in harsh, arid environments to modern urban warfare; deep infiltration missions; reconnaissance; border surveillance; riot control. Depending on customer requirements, NIMR vehicles can be armoured to provide full blast and ballistic protection up to STANAG 4569 Level 3.
DSEI 2013 is, therefore, an ideal platform for the company.
The world’s largest fully integrated defence and security exhibition, DSEI brings together the entire industry to source the latest equipment and systems, develop international relationships and generate new business opportunities. Taking place at ExCel London every two years, the event provides unrivalled access to key markets worldwide and is set to attract nearly 30,000 visitors this year during its run from the 10th to 13th September.
In addition to fulfilling the role of International Partner, Tawazun will also be exhibiting two NIMR vehicles – one in the Static Vehicle Display Area and one on the Tawazun stand which can be found at location N7-250.
H.E. Saif Al Hajeri, CEO of Tawazun, commented:
“DSEI 2013 represents an important opportunity for us to demonstrate Tawazun’s capabilities on an international stage. Our decision to act as International Sponsor for the event reflects our confidence in the strength of the engineering and manufacturing base we are building within the UAE.”

The vehicles on display will be:

6×6 Multi-Role Combat Vehicle (in the Static Display Area)

Designed to provide operational flexibility and armoured protection for a crew of 4, the vehicle is fitted with a turret-mounted, 30 mm auto cannon gun system and a 7.62 mm coaxial machine gun with commander override control along with communication systems and laser range finder. Equipped with electric actuated doors and two escape hatches, the vehicle is powered by a water-cooled turbocharged diesel engine and features independent suspension as well as six wheel air-over-hydraulic service brakes.

6×6 Armoured Personnel Carrier (on the Tawazun stand)

Designed to provide maximum operational flexibility and protection, the NIMR Armoured Personnel Carrier is a long range 6×6 vehicle with the capacity to transport up to 10 soldiers. It can additionally be fitted with remotely operated weapon and communication systems. The vehicle has a payload of 1.8 tonnes and all equipment is stored and mounted so as to be both visible and easily accessible whilst also being secured to ensure that it will not fly loose in the event of a blast impact. Capable of operating in temperatures ranging between -30°C and +55°C, the Personnel Carrier has the same power unit, suspension and braking system as the Multi-Role Combat Vehicle.