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Abu Dhabi, 21 February 2023 – Tawazun Council and Kaman Precision Products, Inc., a subsidiary of Kaman Corporation, have signed an agreement to establish a manufacturing and final assembly facility in collaboration with Remah International Group (RIG) at Tawazun Industrial Park (TIP) that will benefit the advancement of Height of Burst (HOB) sensor technologies in the UAE.

The agreement was signed at Tawazun Council Chalet in the International Defense Exhibition (IDEX 2023) by Abdullah Saif Al Awani, Chief Economic Program Officer at Tawazun Council and Carroll Lane, President, Kaman Precision Products, Inc.

Following the signing, Abdullah Al Awani stated that the agreement comes as part of Tawazun Council’s mandate to enable defense and security industries in the UAE and its efforts to accelerate technology transfer.

“It is through strong relationships and partnerships that we have the opportunity to further capability development, to attract investments for the private sector, and to meet our partners’ needs,” he added.

The FireBurst is a height-of-burst sensor for laser-guided bombs. It can be used with any Paveway II General Purpose (GP) bomb configuration (GBU-10, GBU-12, GBU-16, or GBU-58). It is a low-cost force multiplier that effectively engages multiple targets with a single weapon and requires no specialized tools for installation. The installation can be achieved by conducting a quick forward adapter swap in the field. It is cost-effective and provides increased options for weapon effects.

The planned manufacturing facility in the UAE will use advanced precision manufacturing and sustain the employment of highly skilled Emirati engineers. The facility at Tawazun Industrial Park will further expand technological capabilities within the UAE, with a core focus on developing and supporting the local aerospace and defense industries.

“The vision for the defense industry in the UAE is clear and on target, and we are honored to partner with Kaman and the UAE Armed Forces to support the vision and build a product made in the UAE that we can be proud of,” said Mohamed Khalfan Al Qemzi, Chairman and Managing Director of Remah International Group.

“Our commitment to building capability, coupled with the development of human capacity, underscores Kaman’s strong relationship with Tawazun Council and our pledge to support the UAE and Middle East region’s defense and security sectors,” said Sharief Fahmy, Regional Executive Director of Kaman.

This initiative is our first step in industrial collaboration technology capability development in the UAE, and it will further enhance UAE defense and security technology capabilities while contributing to the expansion of innovative career opportunities within the region,” stated Carroll Lane, President of Kaman Precision Products Inc.

The FireBurst System HOB technology to be manufactured under Kaman’s planned joint venture with local partner Remah International Group (RIG) will serve multiple customers in the UAE and the region.