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ABU DHABI. August 20th, 2019.

560 students have been trained in various technical disciplines. Tawazun Economic Council (Tawazun) kicked off a qualitative training program for UAE national students aimed at enhancing human capabilities in the nation’s industrial sector.

Shehab Issa Abu Shehab, Chief Executive of Strategy at Tawazun, stated that the Council seeks to develop national competencies and skills in the industrial sector. The industry enjoys great growth opportunities in light of the growing interest in enabling and contributing to strengthening governmental efforts to create a stable and sustainable national economy.

Abu Shehab stressed that Tawazun leads fruitful governmental initiatives to localize the various sub-sectors under the industrial sector, such as defense and security. This will be fulfilled by providing the local market with qualified and trained human resources and expertise that exceed technical skills. It will also align with all administrative and financial expertise, legal consultations and other competencies required to develop this sector and enhance its technical and practical abilities and skills.

Tawazun has completed four specialized training programs in cooperation with the United Arab Emirates University and other academic institutions. These programs benefited over 560 students in various technical and technological disciplines.

Abu Shehab highlighted that the Summer Technical Training Program, which was kicked off today, as part of activities of the pioneering educational initiative launched by Tawazun, known as the Tawazun Work Study Program (TWSP). He added that the program provides training opportunities for TWSP’s and engineering students in the UAE. About 36 students from various disciplines are enrolled in the program.

The Capability Development Department at Tawazun is responsible for developing and attracting Emirati talents and implementing several initiatives and programs to achieve its mission successfully. These include TWSP, Tawazun Manufacturing Apprenticeship Program, Tawazun Manufacturing Technology Program and the Tawazun Piling Program.

In its Summer Technical Training Program, Tawazun collaborates with 15 local defense, security and industrial companies, as well as entities from other sectors in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain. Approximately 36 students are currently enrolled and will undergo a one-month training.

Companies participating in the program include Rockford Xellerix, Halcon System, Barij Dynamics, Strata, Ammroc, ADASI, Agthia, Transco, BAE Systems, Actvet, and Tawazun.

Abu Shehab stated that Tawazun will announce later this year the results of a specialized training programme that was launched by the Council during the International Defense Exhibition and Conference (IDEX 2019). This programme aims to develop the capabilities of citizens through the exchange of technological expertise with local partners providing jobs for UAE citizens.

Tawazun develops training programs in order to provide additional training to grant participants the necessary industrial experience and knowledge before applying for post-graduation jobs. Additionally, the program gives students the lessons of work ethic such as punctuality, perseverance, commitment, ability to work together, time management and sound professional behaviors.

“I joined the TWSP in 2012 and graduated in 2016,” said Hamid Al Shumaili, a graduate of Tawazun’s programs and holder of a degree in mechanical engineering from UAE University. “I learned a lot in the program as it was an influential supporter for me in practical and theoretical aspects of my university life.”

“Today, I am working in the field of military vehicles manufacturing at a leading company in the defence industry. I’m proud to be involved in strengthening the defense industry in the UAE, which has become one of the leading platforms for technological development in the world.”, Al Shumaili added.

Hessa Saif Al Darmaki, a mechanical engineer who graduated from one of Tawazun’s training programmes, said: “The program has provided me with the necessary support to advance my career. Tawazun has been keen to enhance the position of Emirati women in leading innovative projects in UAE, to meet the needs of the country and contribute to the creation of innovative solutions using national skills.”

She added that she began working with Halcon Systems, a company specialized in the production of smart missile guidance system, immediately after graduation.

“My life before joining Tawazun was limited to family responsibilities and obligations, but I had great ambitions,” said Shaikha Al-Moaini, a Production Coordinator at EDIC Precision Industries. “I decided to join Tawazun Industrial Vocational Training Program, even though I did not complete my university studies.”

She stressed that she gained valuable knowledge during her 6-month training period. The most important of which was the value of time, mastery of the English language and engineering and technical skills that qualified her to manage the production at EDIC Precision Industries. She thanked Tawazun for giving her the opportunity to be both a successful mother and a woman pursuing her career.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]