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Tawazun appoints AECOM as a consultant on its Jaheziya project

By July 8, 2015June 26th, 2021No Comments

Abu Dhabi-based Tawazun company has appointed AECOM to start work on its 1 square kilometer Safety Security and Disaster Management City known as Jaheziya The agreement with AECOM was signed today by Ali Mohamed Musleh Al Ahbabi, Jaheziya Chairman and Riad Zaki Al-Nashef, Vice President and Resident Manager of AECOM. As part of the agreement, AECOM will work with Tawazun entities Jaheziya and Tawazun Industrial Park, TIP, in developing the new Tawazun Safety Security and Disaster Management City at ICAD IV in Mussafah.

Jaheziya will cover an area of approximately 1 square kilometres and will be designed and built as an Integrated Disaster Management City with multiple training wings and zones and support facilities including props and simulators. The facility will cover all the industries and sectors with a high degree of potential hazards such as Maritime, Rail Transport, Construction, Medical emergencies, Aviation, Industrial, CBRN & Hazmat, Fire Fighting etc. The facilities will be supported by accommodation, and classroom facilities set in a community environment.

Al Ahbabi said, “Jaheziya is a very strategic project and has been perceived to evolve into the most sought after facility both in the region and internationally for multi-agency and intra/inter agencies training in the fields of safety, security, emergency preparedness and crisis and disaster management. It is also the biggest of its kind in the region.”

Faiz Al Nahddy, the CEO of Tawazun Industrial Park, added, “Being part of the Jaheziya Development Programme, we are pleased to add our project management experience to this project which will add to our national pride. Jaheziya is committed to leading the way in developing or enhancing the skills and sustaining the competencies of emergency responders and also in improving safety attitudes and implanting a safety culture in the workforce of the UAE and the region.”

“Our mission is to be the preferred training facility in the region and beyond for the officials or employees of governmental, quasigovernmental, and private agencies and sectors in fields of safety, security, crisis and disaster management,” said Jamal Al Shamsi, Jaheziya Managing Director. He also added that the entire team is very pleased with having appointed AECOM as the consultants for the project.

“Initiated by Tawazun, Jaheziya is in line with our government’s vision to sustain and enhance the nation’s capacity and capability to protect its communities, assets and vital infrastructure for creating a ready and resilient nation in an ever-changing world. Jaheziya will provide training with local and international accreditation in line with the national and global standards and will be fully operational by 2019,” added Saif Al Hajeri, the CEO of Tawazun.

Al-Nashef said, “AECOM is proud to partner with Tawazun Safety Security and Disaster Management City in providing project management and construction supervision services for their new disaster training facility in Abu Dhabi. This is a unique and challenging project that builds upon AECOM’s 50-year record of contributing to the development of the UAE and upon our current works with the Abu Dhabi Government and the UAE military services.

Al Ahbabi also noted that as part of an ambitious expansion programme, Tawazun has acquired a new site in ICAD IV for the development of a new state-of-the-art facility. Jaheziya will be in the fields of onshore and offshore rescue and firefighting, safety and emergency response, to national and international standards such as NFPA, IMO, OPITO, First Aid International, NTA and the UAE Civil Defence.

Jaheziya will work hand in hand with its stakeholders to develop the new city, which is expected to be completely operational by year 2019.