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Merkel launches its Four Seasons – a unique quartet of luxury hunting rifles

By September 5, 2013June 26th, 2021No Comments

​Merkel, the renowned German gun manufacturer is a subsidiary of the UAE-based strategic investment group Tawazun Holding, is delighted to announce that it launched a unique set of four luxury hunting rifles at the recently held Abu Dhabi International Hunting and Equestrian Exhibition (ADIHEX) for which Tawazun acted as the Weaponry Partner.

Themed around the four seasons, the set comprises four of Merkel’s Helix rifles, each custom made unique rifle individually engraved with its own seasonal motifs as well as the opening bars of the appropriate concerto from Vivaldi’s Four Seasons. The calibres also reflect the seasons: the Spring rifle is an 8×57 IS with engraved birches and deer, the Summer rifle is a .30-06 with engraved stags and oak leaves, the Autumn rifle is a 9.3×62 with engraved mouflons and vine leaves and the Winter rifle is a 7 mm Rem. Mag. with engraved chamois in the snow and pine trees.

Merkel’s RX Helix represents a modern hunting rifle concept featuring a truly revolutionary bolt action that cycles in half the length of the conventional system. Whilst it is a straight-pull rifle, it retains the strength of a rotary bolt head with seven locking lugs as well as a fully enclosed, hard-anodized aluminum action housing. A combination of innovative design and advanced manufacturing ensures that the Helix can be dismantled in a matter of seconds, without tools, and is fully adaptable to its users’ requirements.

Olaf Sauer, CEO of Merkel commented:”The Four Seasons quartet embodies both the innovative technology that has gone into the development of the highly adaptable Helix and the long tradition of craftsmanship which is still upheld by the gunsmiths of Suhl. Right down to the grade 10 fine wood stocks, these are guns that will be prized by the most discerning of gun collectors.”

Held this year from the 4th to 7th September, just a week before DSEI 2013, ADIHEX has been the only dedicated consumer and trade event in the Middle East for weaponry, equestrian, outdoor and marine sports, safari, arts & antiques, and the promotion and preservation of culture and heritage since its launch in 2003.