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Huawei Enterprise deploys IPv6

By May 15, 2013June 26th, 2021No Comments

Tawazun, a UAE based strategic investment company focused on specialised manufacturing and industry, has selected Huawei Enterprise as its partner in creating a secure network environment to support the growth of UAE’s industrial manufacturing and technology capabilities in the defence sector.

Tawazun’s mission is to help drive the development of the UAE’s defence sector as a strategic national mandate.

Huawei was awarded the project to deploy a smart campus networking solution based on IPv6 in its integrated manufacturing zone known as Tawazun Industrial Park (TIP), to create a backbone infrastructure that enables seamless wired and wireless connectivity, a highly secured network and higher bandwidth to centrally manage and monitor its physical security.

From CCTV cameras to a range of surveillance infrastructure equipment, the smart campus solution provides a core network allowing Tawazun the means for greater communication that is highly reliable and instantaneous, across the industrial park in multiple locations. Tawazun worked with Huawei and its channel partner Telelogix to design and implement the solution that could support both IPv6 and IPv4 networking protocols in usage across Tawazun’s existing campus network.

Commenting on the completion of the project, Mohammad Saif Al Mansoori, IT Director at Tawazun, said: “As we specialise in manufacturing and defence, it was critical for us to find a robust technology and systems solution that would cater to all the needs of our physical security backbone infrastructure, not only meeting current requirements but also having the flexibility to expand on-demand and reduce power consumption. We chose Huawei because its solution met our requirements from a technical point of view, but also because they understood the engineering challenges of a deployment over a site as large as ours.”

As leaders in IP technology, Huawei understood that to support today’s cloud era, IP, voice and video service integration would be expected of its high-profile client and therefore, demanded higher bandwidth capabilities. One of the business requirements behind the deployment was the need for a user friendly, stable, efficient and affordable system that could meet the high bandwidth demands of CCTV. A need to be able to deliver high quality recording and monitoring was therefore vital.

Dong Wu, Vice President from Huawei Enterprise Business, Middle East added “Huawei’s end-to-end internet solutions are pioneering the development of the latest smart campus solutions in the region. Now is the time for industries to consider the move into IPv6 so that we are able to address the ever-evolving business demands. Through our commitment to understanding the customer’s needs, we and our partners were able to support Tawazun in delivering the project on time, providing them with a team of highly qualified engineers on site around-the-clock. We will continue to demonstrate our capabilities in deploying the latest smart campus technology that acts as business enablers for organisations today. We look forward to working on future projects with Tawazun with a view to support them in driving innovation for the UAE. ”

The project is the first IPv6 network solution to be deployed in the Middle East for the industrial, manufacturing and defence sectors. IPv6 is the next-generation of network communication protocol, designed to address the shortage of IP addresses that the industry is currently experiencing in the IPv4 space. Huawei’s smart campus solution based on IPv6 provides a unified security architecture for network and mobile connectivity support that enables more effective operations. With a unified platform over the network, Huawei’s smart campus network allows end-users at Tawazun to centralise and access all footage from its CCTV cameras and gain access to time attendance information.

In addition to an automated management system that allows for more intelligent physical security monitoring on site, it is also supported with a large bandwidth and a highly resilient network enabling high output with less power consumption. Both features are able to meet the high demands of installing more than 500 high-definition digital surveillance cameras across four different zones: all without having to invest in additional hardware.

Thanks to a network design that is flexible and based on an IPv6 Dual Stack architecture and efficient Cluster Switching Technology (CSS), the system has been built with redundancy to provide reliability. In the case that one device fails, another one will automatically take over to ensure the user’s request is completed. The network is highly secured and protects mission critical data while eases network configuration and management.

The deployment is the latest in a line of successful project wins and completed cases that Huawei Enterprise has seen in the region, expanding its customer base and regional channel partner network. Huawei has rolled out a number of large-scale projects across the region and worldwide, implementing smart campus network solutions based on both IPv4 and IPv6.

Huawei’s comprehensive portfolio of ICT solutions also include offerings for data centres, cloud computing, enterprise networking and wireless, as well as Unified Communications, video conference, telepresence and Intelligent Video Surveillance Solutions (IVS).

Recognising the sheer scale of the deployment, Tawazun recently received the Editor’s Choice award for Best Project Implementation by Network World Middle East Awards 2013.

The award highlights the uniqueness of the project being the only one of its size and magnitude in the defence sector.

The deployment of Tawazun was selected for its innovation in using existing technologies to solve specific business problems.