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Dubai, 16 November 2023 – Tawazun Council, the independent government entity that works closely with the Ministry of Defense in the UAE, today signed 16 deals, worth AED 4.87 billion, with local and international companies on behalf of the Ministry of Defense on the fourth day of the Dubai Airshow 2023.

This brings the total value of the deals Tawazun Council has signed on behalf of the Ministry of Defense so far to AED 21.6 billion for 44 deals.

The first day saw the announcement of contracts worth AED 4.7 billion, and the second day AED 6.9 billion. The total value of contracts announced on the third day stood at AED 5.1 billion. The announcement was made during a press conference held by Tawazun Council’s official spokesmen, Zayed Saeed Al Meraikhi and Majed Ahmed Al Jaberi.

Zayed Saeed Al Meraikhi said that the number of contracts signed by Tawazun Council on behalf of the Ministry of Defense with local companies reached 9 contracts, totaling AED 3.8 billion on the fourth day of Dubai Airshow 2023. A contract worth AED 1.3 billion was awarded to “International Golden Group” to procure an Air Defense System. A contract worth AED 105 million was signed with Abu Dhabi Airports to provide services at Al Ain International Airport.

Other announced deals with local companies included a contract with “AL Sahraa Freight Transport and Logistics” worth AED 8 million to procure spare parts, repairs, and maintenance for airport ground systems and equipment, and a contract with “AAL Group” to provide maintenance services for Helicopters at a value of AED 42 million.

Three contracts were signed with “GAL”, the first one is to provide maintenance services for Helicopters for AED 266 million, and the second to provide specialists to support aviation systems for AED 96.8 million, while the third one was to procure spare parts for Aircraft for AED 1.6 billion.

An AED 178 million contract signed with “Barij Munitions” an Edge company, to procure Ammunition. The last deal was with “ADASI”, an Edge company at a value of AED 239 million to procure Helicopters.

The international contracts announced today by Majed Al Jaberi included 7 contracts at a total value of AED 1.07 billion.

The first contract was signed with the American company “Lockheed Martin Global” to procure spare parts for communication systems, at a total value AED 367 million. An AED 7.3 million contract awarded to the American company “Environmental Tectonics Corporation” to procure spare parts and materials for Aviation Medical Devices.

A contract signed with the Swedish company “SAAB” to provide aircraft maintenance services for AED 185 million. While two signed contracts with the French company “Thales”, the first one is to develop the communication system for AED 318 million and the second for modernization and development of sonar systems worth AED 66 million.

A contract with the Italian company “Agustawestland Aviation Services“ to provide spare parts and repair for aircraft for AED 50 million. The last contact was for the French company “Dassault Aviation” for AED 78.6 million.

Al Jaberi emphasized the crucial role of the Tawazun Council in ensuring quality in the aerospace and defense (AD) industry. The focus is on setting priorities through the implementation of strategies that guarantee continuous development and access to the latest products and technological solutions. This is achieved by adopting the best global practices in acquisition policies and procurement management, aligning with the UAE’s vision for an advanced defense sector.